Cell2in, a leading pioneer in the field of cell therapy, is a center for biopharmaceutical R&D and was co-founded by professors from top-ranked universities in South Korea. Our main research interests are focused on the development of cell quality monitoring techniques and their application for cell therapy.
Cell quality control is one of the major technical challenges that need to be addressed to harness the full clinical potential of cell therapy. In response to this challenge, we are developing revolutionary platform technology, FreSHtracer™,  for cell quality assessment.

Cell therapy is a promising approach for developing a safe and efficient treatment for degenerative diseases and cancer. Despite its clinical potential, the cell therapy industry has yet to overcome a major drawback – the absence of quality control methods, which are essential when evaluating the usefulness of therapeutics. To resolve this challenge, we have a developed revolutionary platform technology for quality control assessment in cell therapy.

Based on our platform technology, FreSHtracer™, we are discovering new effective ways to enhance the viability of stem cells (regenerative medicine), provide quality control measures for the production of all cells (cell mass production), enhance the viability of immune cells (immunotherapy), provide toxicology and antioxidant screenings for pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetic ingredients, food chemicals, and potential antioxidants; and create the next generation of cosmetic products.

Our platform technology, FreSHtracer™, is the very first real-time method to safely measure the glutathione (GSH) level in living cells. GSH is the most important workhorse fighting against harmful oxidants damaging healthy cells. Our technology helps scientists grow and select only the high-quality cells, providing a solution for cell quality control with potential applications in cell culture, cell therapy manufacturing, diagnostics of various age-related diseases as well as chemical screening of antioxidant and anti-aging materials.
1. FreSHtracer™ is a ratiometric probe suitable for measuring and monitoring GSH levels in intact living cells.
2 FreSHtracer™ reveals in vitro that high glutathione levels correlate with cells’ antioxidant state and functionality.
3 FreSHtracer™ reveals in vitron that high glutathione levels correlate with increased stem cell functions.
4 FreSHtracer™ reveals in vivo that high glutathione levels improve therapeutic efficacy of stem cells.