Technology Team

Heun Soo Kang

CEO, Cell2in Inc.
Senior Researcher, Seoul National University
Team manager, R&D Center of Daesang, Korea
University of Vienna, Austria, Ph.D
Research Keywords: Cell signaling, New Therapeutic Agent, Drug Mechanism, Efficacy Evaluation, Degenerative disease. Cell Quality.

In-Gyu Kim

CTO, Cell2in Inc.
Professor, Seoul National Univ. College of medicine
Research Fellow, NIAMS, NIH, USA
M.D & Ph.D., Seoul National Univ.
Research Keywords: Molecular Pathogenesis, Age-related Diseases,
Molecular Biology, Enzymology, Biochemical synthesis, Cell Function

Ki-Baek Lee

Senior Researcher of Cell2in Inc
Seoul National University College of Medicine,
Integrated M.S. and Ph.D.

Catholic University of Korea, B.S.
Research Keywords : Cellular senescence, Skin aging,
Age-related diseases,
Mesenchymal stem cell, Glutathione, Oxidative stress,
Cell therapeutics.

Kihang Choi

Professor, Korea University
Research Scholar, Stanford University
Yale University, Ph.D.
KAIST, B.S. & M.S.
Research Keywords: Organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, enzyme inhibitors, fluorescence probe design, organic structure analysis

Ssang-Goo Cho

Professor, Dept. Stem Cell & Regenerative Biotech., Konkuk University
Director, Incurable disease animal model and stem cell institute
Visiting Scientist, Institute Pasteur Korea
Visiting Professor, Cell Death and Disease Center, Korea University
Research Professor/Postdoctoral fellowship, Korea University
Postdoctoral fellowship, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY, USA
Editorial Board Member in the J. of Stem Cells and Regenerative Therapy, Trends in Immunotherapy, BMB Reports, J. of Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Research & Therapeutics, and J. of Stem Cell Research
Chairman of planning committee, KSSCR (Kor. Soc. Stem Cell Res.)
Member of the KoNSCRT (Korea Network for Stem Cell Res. & Tech.) Korea University, B.S. M.S. Ph.D.
Research Keywords : Signaling in stem, cancer, and cancer stem cells, Cellular reprogramming, Apoptosis and autophagy, Cancer stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, Pancreatic beta-cell differentiation.

Dong-Myung Shin

Associate Professor, University of Ulsan College of Medicine
Instructor & Postdoctoral fellowship, University of Louisville
Editorial Board Member in the Experimental & Molecular Medicine, Stem Cell Reviews and Reports, International Journal of Stem Cells, and Clinical and Translational Medicine
Member of the Young-Korean Academy of Science and Technology (Y-KAST)
Seoul National University College of Medicine, M.S. Ph.D.
Seoul National University, B.S.
Research Keywords : Mesenchymal stem cell, embryonic stem cell, pluripotency, epigenetics, DNA methylation, transcription factor, oxidative stress, single cell analysis, interstitial cystitis

Eui Man Jeong

BK Assistant Professor, Seoul National Univ.
Research Fellow, Institute of Human-Environment Interface Biology Seoul National Univ. College of Medicine
Seoul National Univ. College of Medicine, Ph.D.
Chung-Ang Univ. College of Pharmacy, BS, MS
Pharmaceutical Chemist License (Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare)
Research Keywords : Glutathione, Real-time monitoring sensor, Redox homeostasis, Stem cells

Biz Development Team

Daekwon Joo

Vice President,
General Manager of Open Innovation.
The former head of the bio business team
at Daessang Research Institute Co., Ltd.
KAIST biotechnology.
France Univ.Tech. Compiegne, Ph.D. in Biotechnology

Young kyun Kim

Head of Business Strategy Office,
Establishing and Implementing Business strategy.
The former general manager of HR&Planning
department at SKC.
Cheonnam National Univ.,
Bachelor of Business Administration

External Researchers-Outstanding Clinical Expertise

ProfessorsAffiliationResearch Area
Eun-Young ChoiSeoul National Univ. Medical SchoolImmunology
(Animal Disease Model Research)
Kyeong-Ho ChoiSeoul National Univ. Medical SchoolImmunology
(Anticancer Immunotherapy)
Cheo-Ru AhnYonsei Univ. Severance HospitalEndocrinology
(Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy Research)
Seong-Jin JoSeoul National Univ. HospitalDermatology
(Atopic dermatitis/Psoriasis/Laboratory Research)
Hyeok-Soo HanSeoul National Univ. HospitalOrthopedics
(Degenerative Arthritis/Laboratory Research)
Do-Seon LimKorea Univ. HospitalCardiovascular Medicine
(Stem cell Therapeutic Use in Myocardial Infarction Research)
Young-Min JoSeoul National Univ. HospitalEndocrinology
(Metabolic Syndrome Diagnosis Research)
Jae-Ryong KimYeungnam Univ. Medical SchoolBiochemistry of Aging
(In Vivo Aging Measurement Research)
Hye-Ryeon KangSeoul National Univ. HospitalAllergy and Immunology
(Stem Cell Therapeutic Use in Severe Asthma Research)
Yong-Uk SongSeoul National Univ. HospitalRheumatic Diseases
(Autoimmunity Diseases/Laboratory Research)
Sung-Soo YoonSeoul National Univ. HospitalHematological Oncology
(Hematopoetic Stem cell Therapeutic Use in Blood Cancer)