FreSHtracer™ Technology:Target Market

With FreSHtracer™, the first platform technology of its kind, scientists can now grow and select cells with increased viability. This technology provides a reliable, cost-effective method to monitor the key cellular function in real-time and has a great potential to become an indispensable tool in cell manufacturing and cell therapy, which is widely accepted as the next frontier of medicine.

In addition to cell therapy, development of traditional pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients with anti-aging effects is another important area where FreSHtracer™ technology can find its direct applications. Screening antioxidant activities were never easier before; one can now easily assess compounds’ antioxidant capacities by comparing how fast a cell restore its GSH level with or without the compound treatment. Considering the growing market demands for new antioxidants with potential anti-aging effects; our technology can serve as a fast, reliable method to screen a large number of compounds against various cell types.

Development of well-formulated cell culture media is also a big business area where GSHtracer™ can be used a valuable cell quality monitoring tool, thus ensuring clinically acceptable bioprocess for reproducibly generating quality-assured cells.