MitoFreSHtracer Real-Time GSH Assay Kit

  • Mito FreSHtracerTM はリアルタイムでミトコンドリアグルタチオン(GSH)を測定します。
  • FACS またはConfocal MicroscopyでGSH レベルを定量化
  • Mito FreSHtracerTM パウダーの1.0mgチューブ
  • 650 ウェルアッセイ (96 ウェルプレート)/100 FACSアッセイ (6 ウェルプレート)/チューブ
Product Type:Small Molecule
Molecular Weight:1010.0
Molecular FormulaC56H55Cl2N6O6P
Purity:≥97% HPLC
Spectral Information
MitoFreSHtracer 520/580,
MitoFreSHtracer-GSH 430/510
Incubation Time: 60 minutes
Compatibility:All living cells
Shipping:Room Temperature
Storage:Room Temperature (up to 6 months)
DMSO Solution:  -20C (up to 6 months)
Appearance:Dark red solid
Platform:Operetta High-Content Imaging System
Confocal microscopy
Comments:MitoFreSHtracerTM is incorporated into the mitochondria inner membrane.  The unincorporated MitoFreSHtracerTM can be removed from cell culture media to produce a clearer backgound.



Jeong EM, Yoon JH, Lim J, Shin JW, Cho AY, Heo J, Lee KB, Lee JH, Lee WJ, Kim HJ,
Son YH, Lee SJ, Cho SY, Shin DM, Choi K, Kim IG.

Stem Cell Reports. 2018 Jan 4