Cell2in is developing various products
based on FreSHtracer technology.


The extensive functional advantages of exosomes in the skin regeneration and anti-inflammatory effects are primarily depending on the antioxidant ability of stem cells.

Cell2in’s progress in exosome isolation

  • Cell2in uses high quality stem cells through the quality management system among human umbilical cord-derived stem cells with pluripotency and enhanced anti-inflammatory immune control.

Cell2in’s innovative exosome separation technique

  • Large-scale exosome separation from high quality stem cells
    – Based on tangential flow filtration technology
  • Production and separation of exosome derived from stem cells
    – Production of exosomes with consistent size distribution

Efficacy evaluation of Cell2in exosome

Efficacy test 1.Secretome analysis

Secreted protein contents

Efficacy test 2. Wound-healing

Regenerative ability of damaged dermal cell

Efficacy test 3.Immunosuppression

The anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect

Efficacy test 4. Melanin reduction

Inhibitory effect of melanin secretion