Excellent R&D experts in Cell2in seek to develop
innovative cell therapy and future medical technology

What is FreSHtracer?

The first technology to measure
the glutathione level in living cells

[FreSHtracer management system] is a promising cell quality evaluation platform that monitors the amount and activity level of glutathione in real-time by adding Cell2In proprietary fluorescence detector into the live cells.

Proprietary technology

A reversible fluorescent probe

A fluorescent dye developed by Cell2in,
Penetrating cells and indicating glutathione

Cell quality management system can be applied in all fields of medicine.

  • Cell culture
  • Cell therapy production
  • Disease diagnosis

Excellence of FreSHtracer

ability of
stem cell
with superior

Existing quality indicator

Insufficient discrimination abilities

Cell2in’s quality indicator

Excellent discrimination abilities



Superiority of stem cells differentiated by FreSHtracer™

Rapid & convenient

Glutathione can be monitored real-time in all living cells

Imaging of GSH in live cells